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The way Rose looks at Ten
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keep-laughing-till-it-hurts: Hello! I need help understanding something. In silence in the library (series four) the doctor discovers that in the future he gives his sonic to river BUT... The screwdriver that she has looks exactly like david tennants suggesting is an upgraded version of the one he has, but that screwdriver burns out and is basically is it 10's damaged one or 11's new one?



Well I wouldn’t say her screwdriver looks exactly the same like Ten’s one.

I mean look, they’re a bit similar, but not the same.

And it didn’t have red settings, while Eleven’s did. So yes, I’d say River has Eleven’s screwdriver. They don’t look much alike, but maybe the Doctor changed its design at some point or maybe the writers just forgot about that and gave Eleven completely different screwdriver :D

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